Wellcome to my Website

Here can you find some informations about me:

I am working for some time with Computers. My focus, however, lies not with the hardware but with the software. I used to program in C. After a very long time in Java. In the meantime, I have to be friends with the Qt framework. My progress here can be found in my BLOG.

Now I am the proud owner of an iMac. That is why I am working with this course Supercomputer. The standard programming language is Objective-C. We have yet to learn something new

My second major pastime is music. I really like listening to music.

I also enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy novels.

The products of Apple have made it very to me. I am the proud owner of an iMac, an iPhone, an iPod Nano and a Ipod Shuffle.



JMBDE is a project for the collection of company data. I am with my Employer responsible for the administration and support of computer systems. Therefore, this project also has this focus. There are in the final stages People, access, computers, printers and phones are collected and maintained.

This project is an on Qt version for different platforms and a pure OS X version. More can be found on the project page .

Projekt BackupTool

Generally The BackuptTool project I started around which to test Opportunities are there to write programs on the Mac.

BackupToolOSX This is the part of the project which is being developed using Xcode.

BackupToolQt This part is intended for use on multiple platforms and is developed with the Qt Creator.

Programming with QT

Program documentation and help Currently, I consider that the best method is a program to be provided with documentation. Of course no one reads any instructions for applications. Also I do not. The exception is only accessible then if you no longer progresses. But why should in principle is always a good documentation or Help is available. A good guide is growing with the program for which it is written! Perhaps this method also helps the programmer. I try to grope me on this subject and To create the manuals and help texts Qdoc3 with the program from the QT development package.

Compile Programs

cmake In the QT development package is a good make-make-Builder will be offered. The last word in the last sentence is not mistake. QMAKE uses a simple syntax for to create complex make files. Nevertheless, I switched to CMake. This tool can do everything QMake can. However, this functionality for other Programming languages made available. The adjustment to the QT development package is expected to CMake slightly worse than qmake. QMake with pure QT projects will always be easier. But the larger Flexibility in other directions can be achieved only with the CMake tool.