The JMNSISHelper

The purpose of the project

The JMNSISHelper to create the installers facilitate With this program you can create the a script file for the NSIS installer be facilitated.

Release Version 0.2

The project is now big Extended piece. The program now has an grafic user interface. Using these Surface can now use some basic requirements for the installer be set.
This is the project name, version, publisher (Developers) of the project, the website, the Support page on the Internet and the name of executable file.
After pressing the OK key the settings are applied and can be stored in a file. the saved file can then directly from the program be compiled.

Release Version 0.1

A little something we can now the program make. Thus the first Released Version. On the download page of the Windows installers or download the source code of the project and try.
In this version, the program can as expected, not yet much. With the file dialog, a script can be loaded and be processed. Some are in the command's Processing window is already highlighted. Also, the script with the program be compiled. This works both with the Linux version, as well as with the Windows version.

The next steps

Improving the user interface.
  • The program should get a project function and the project load and save settings can.
  • The program will know where QT is installed on the computer.
  • The current list of planned improvements is also in the Blueprints to find.

The pages of the project


Project License

This program is licensed under the EUPL V1.1.