I've been programming for quite some Time.

I have already written Basic programs. Office and OpenOffice Macros. A Python program. More Java programs and a C + + program.

Preferably with Linux . The works better than anything else ...

This was also the idea Free Software develops. This idea, the programs and software should be free I represent well. Therefore, all programs written by me under a Open Source License published.


In 1999, long ago, I have in the Journal kickstart a program published. This program had the name and turned MausAus Commodore Amiga in which the pointer Non-user.

Programming languages

Until recently, I have listings in JAVA written. Now I'm on Objective-C and C++ switched. I use the QT Framework . However, I am not going alone JAVA adopt Would be a pity.

With Python I have my Difficulties. I think the syntax of this language I will never quite befriend.

Programming with QT

Program documentation and help Currently, I consider that the best method is a program to be provided with documentation. Of course no one reads any instructions for applications. Also I do not. The exception is only accessible then if you no longer progresses. But why should in principle is always a good documentation or Help is available. A good guide is growing with the program for which it is written! Perhaps this method also helps the programmer. I try to grope me on this subject and To create the manuals and help texts Qdoc3 with the program from the QT development package.

Compile Programs

cmake In the QT development package is a good make-make-Builder will be offered. The last word in the last sentence is not mistake. QMAKE uses a simple syntax for to create complex make files. Nevertheless, I switched to CMake. This tool can do everything QMake can. However, this functionality for other Programming languages made available. The adjustment to the QT development package is expected to CMake slightly worse than qmake. QMake with pure QT projects will always be easier. But the larger Flexibility in other directions can be achieved only with the CMake tool.